Backflow Installation in Machesney Park, IL

Northern Mechanical provides reliable backflow installation for businesses, condominiums, and many other enterprises in Illinois and Wisconsin. Our goal is to protect your water supply so that your customers, employees, and residents can enjoy fresh, uncontaminated water whenever they reach for the tap.

Contact Northern Mechanical at 815-654-7900 for more information about backflow installation in Rockford, Loves Park, Machesney Park, Freeport, Rochelle, Sterling, Belvidere, Roscoe, Crystal Lake, Huntley, and Burlington in Illinois, and in Beloit, Madison, and Janesville in Wisconsin.

Our Commitment to Clients in Machesney Park, IL & Throughout the Region

We have decades of experience under our tool belts. Our experience is the foundation for the expertise of our backflow installation teams. Our certified technicians utilize their knowledge along with the latest technologies and industry-accepted techniques to ensure the proper installation of every backflow preventer installed by Northern Mechanical. We are confident in the quality of our work and provide an ironclad guarantee of the services we offer.

Contact Northern Mechanical at 815-654-7900 for more information about backflow installation in Machesney Park or elsewhere in the region. It’s our pleasure to tell you more about the services we offer and the warranties we guarantee. 

The Value of Backflow Installation in Machesney Park, IL

Many businesses, health care facilities, and other enterprises are required by municipal regulations to have a backflow preventer installed on their premises. However, that doesn’t mean they are the only entities that can benefit from these devices. Indeed, anyone who wants to enjoy fresh, clean, pollution-free water when they open the tap should have a backflow preventer installed. 

Backflow preventers keep harmful elements from polluting the water within businesses and health care facilities. These devices ensure that mud and sewage, gases, and debris don’t foul the property’s freshwater supplies. This is vital because water line repairs can often send this detritus flowing through the municipal water supply. Without a backflow preventer, this polluted water can overflow from sinks and toilets, causing property damage and other consequences.

This means that backflow preventers are also highly effective at protecting the plumbing systems within the structure. This results in reduced maintenance and repair costs. Moreover, because backflow systems are built to last for the long term, you can enjoy this protection for many decades following the installation so long as you properly maintain the components within the preventer.

Contact Northern Mechanical at 815-654-7900 to discuss the myriad of benefits you can enjoy with the installation of a backflow preventer. Our trained and certified installation experts will answer your questions and help you identify the most effective solutions for your needs in Illinois, Missouri, or Wisconsin.

Backflow Inspection and Testing in Machesney Park, IL

Backflow preventers should be inspected on a regular basis. Depending on governing NFPA and municipal regulations, these tests are usually required at 3-5 year intervals. At Northern Mechanical, we adhere to all applicable testing standards and provide the necessary certification information for city, state, county, and federal agencies.

During our testing, we will verify that the backflow preventer is functioning as designed. While these devices are robust, they can become damaged and fail under immense pressure. When testing confirms damage, our team will perform the necessary repairs or replacements to restore the proper function of your backflow systems.

Contact Northern Mechanical at 815-654-7900 to schedule inspection and testing of your backflow systems in Illinois, Missouri, or Wisconsin. Our team will schedule a time to test your system and will thoroughly go over the results when the tests are completed.

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