Process Cooling in Rockford, IL & Madison, WI

Industrial processes like die casting, plastic molding, pharmaceutical production, and food processing often need precise temperatures for consistent, high-quality results. Process cooling systems like chillers help to manage these processes, and a well-designed, properly maintained system can be very efficient and effective at this job.

When you need a reliable partner to keep the process cooling systems at your business performing optimally, choose Northern Mechanical. We serve industrial and commercial facilities throughout Rockford, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin. Our company provides industrial and commercial boiler services, as well as process cooling installations, repairs, and maintenance. With our highly qualified technicians and superior service, you can count on us for professional results with every service call.

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Process Cooling Installation & Replacement

If your industrial or commercial facility is considering an investment in new process cooling equipment, contact our team at Northern Mechanical. Whether you are adding new equipment, upgrading, or replacing your current systems, our experts can work with you to calculate the cooling loads for each process, select the best equipment for the job, and provide a reliable, energy-efficient installation. We service and install all types of process cooling equipment and related systems, including:

  • Air-cooled chillers
  • Water-cooled chillers
  • Piston, centrifugal, and scroll chillers
  • Cooling towers
  • Piping systems
  • HVAC controls
  • And more…

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Process Cooling Maintenance

Process cooling equipment typically operates year-round, up to 24 hours a day. This makes routine maintenance absolutely essential to its performance and longevity, and at Northern Mechanical, we offer comprehensive maintenance for chillers and process cooling equipment that will help you avoid downtime, save energy, and increase the equipment’s service life. Our expert technicians can handle all the preventative maintenance for your system, from cleaning the evaporators and condensers to inspecting piping and testing the compressor. Process cooling maintenance can also be added to your annual preventative maintenance regimen to keep all your mechanical equipment performing optimally.

Process Cooling Repair

Industrial environments are harsh on any equipment, including process cooling systems. When you need service or repairs for the process cooling systems at your facility, trust our experts at Northern Mechanical. We have the equipment and experience to offer fast diagnosis and repair of chillers and process cooling systems, and our technicians are available 24/7 for service anytime, day or night

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