Temperature Control Systems in Rockford, IL & Madison, WI

Precise control of temperature, heating cycles, cooling cycles, and defrost schedules is essential in many commercial operations, from building heating and air conditioning systems to refrigeration systems or industrial processes like freeze-drying and thermoplastics manufacturing. Intelligent temperature control systems take the guesswork out of controlling these processes and make it easier to fine-tune them to achieve the desired results.

At Northern Mechanical, we design, service, and install temperature control systems and accessories for all types of commercial and industrial equipment. We work with leading manufacturers like Carrier and Johnson Controls to provide the perfect temperature control solutions for your application, and our company can keep your temperature control systems performing at their best with comprehensive repair, maintenance, and 24-hour emergency services. We work with businesses throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, including Rockford, IL, Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas.

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Temperature Control System Installations in Rockford, IL

When your business needs accurate control over a heating or cooling process, choose a temperature control solution from our team at Northern Mechanical. We can create a system that is custom-tailored to your application, using sensors like thermistors or infrared pyrometers to monitor temperatures and trigger equipment like blowers, gas burners, or chilled water systems to maintain the proper conditions. We can design custom temperature control systems for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, as well as a wide range of industrial processes.

Our company works with leading manufacturers like Carrier, Johnson Controls, and Tridium, as well as our partner company Building Automation Solutions, to source the best components for your temperature control system, including:

  • The latest temperature controllers and accessories
  • Quality DDC and HVAC controls
  • Advanced thermocouples, thermistors, pyrometers, RTDs, and other sensors
  • Relays, contactors, motors, and electrically-actuated valves or dampers

We can also design and build custom control panels that will keep the primary controls organized, accessible, and easy to maintain, and we can integrate your temperature control solution into your building automation system.

Temperature Control System Maintenance & Energy Management

As part of our preventative maintenance services, we can evaluate the condition of your temperature control systems and assess how they impact energy usage at your facility. Our experts will inspect and test all the controllers, sensors, actuators, motors, and wiring to identify any components that may be defective or damaged, and we can recommend the best repair or replacement options for your needs.

We can also recommend equipment upgrades and changes to control parameters that will help to reduce energy consumption and operational costs at your facility. This can include strategies such as reducing heating when the building is unoccupied or upgrading to green, energy-efficient HVAC solutions.

Temperature Control System Repairs in Madison, WI

Faulty temperature controls can make a building uncomfortable, interrupt industrial processes, or destroy inventory when temperatures go out of bounds. When you need fast, effective repairs for the temperature control systems at your business, call our team at Northern Mechanical. We are available 24/7 for help with all your HVAC, refrigeration, and control needs. Our technicians have the latest diagnostic equipment to identity the problem quickly and return your business to full operation faster.

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